The Point

We don’t need new wisdom to change the world. We need to hear the old wisdom again and again, and actually act on it.

This is for everyone. For you wanderers and strugglers, trying to find any way, never mind The Way, and for you Christians walking close and dear. This is for you who believe in The God, and for you who believe in no God at all. This is for pastors and paupers and people who feel plain, for you who love the church with everything in you and you who have been hurt, humiliated and ridiculed by the church and those in and of it. This is for you who see yourself as legalists or romantics, dreamers or designers, scientists or explorers or house-keepers or anything else that has a name. This is for you in the corner with your hoodie pulled down low and for you with all your popped-collar shirts. This is for you. This is for me.

What this is not is a book of be-all end-all answers, ultimate maxims or solutions to life and all it’s various curve balls. This will not cure all the maladies in your life, or fix all the broken relationships.

What it might be is a collection of practical thoughts gathered from the experience, practice, wisdom, common sense, philosophy and a healthy dose of cynicism of a number of people far wiser and more mature than i. What it might do is offer you a little perspective, and give you a little hope in the possibility that life may actually be brighter than it looks now.

There is no real order to what follows, so pick and choose and bounce around as you will. All i ask is that when there are links, please do follow them, as they will always be pertinent and from sites that are safe to visit. Please feel free to leave comments, the more perspectives we get the better.

Peace, and enjoy…


the best place to start is here


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